Vegetarian/vegan fast food restaurant chain gearing up to go global

Hampton Roads, VA – Mango Bahia aims to be the first-ever fast food restaurant dedicated to making a variety of meals that cater to vegetarians and vegans alike. In our increasingly health- and green-conscious society, the interest in and demand for vegetarian and vegan fast food service is greater than ever, and Mango Bahia is preparing to provide that service to the world.

The company has brought together professionals from across the nation to form the core team, and is preparing to launch an Indiegogo campaign to gain recognition and support.

Aside from setting up restaurants, Mango Bahia will be offering online ordering and delivery. Catering service is already available on the company’s website and they are ready to provide their unique dining experience for special events within the Norfolk area.

All of the meals are made from original recipes developed by the company’s founder and CEO, Patricia Nelson.

Spreading health awareness through delicious food

Our country has a serious problem when it comes to the consumption of red meat – we do it entirely too often and in entirely huge quantities, and this is cause for concern.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “[red meat consumption is] associated with the risk for heart disease and cardiac events such as heart attack, stroke and death.”

Aside from this, the traditional fast food marketplace has an abundance of deep-fried and processed meals. Even the “healthier” options contain questionable chemicals used to preserve texture and quality.

A poll by Gallup conducted in 2013 shows that “eight in 10 Americans report eating at fast-food restaurants at least monthly, with almost half saying they eat fast food at least weekly.” By providing a healthy alternative to the red meat and processed ingredients provided at typical fast food restaurants, Mango Bahia’s goal is to not only offer a quick and affordable meal solution for vegetarians and vegans, but to also show the fast-food-consuming population just how delicious eating healthy can be.

In addition to providing vegetarian and vegan fast food, Mango Bahia wants to join the growing movement of sustainable architecture by incorporating sustainable elements into the architecture of their restaurants such as solar panels for energy, cooking with convection ovens, and leaving a very small carbon footprint.

Sustainable restaurants

Sustainable architecture has become increasingly prominent and necessary in recent years, and the more we allow this movement to change the way we build and maintain our cities, the better off we and the ecosystems we live in will be. Mango Bahia aims to lead by example and be a part of this important paradigm shift.

Through the strides taken to bring this concept to life and the upcoming Indiegogo campaign designed to generate interest in this sustainable innovation, Mango Bahia is ready to be a part of the change that our planet and our species desperately need.

It’s fast food 2.0 – a brand new way to thrive.

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